Are you tired of jumping from diet to diet?
Does thinking about what to eat make you feel confused or frustrated? 
Overwhelmed by all the fad diets swarming social media?
Do you wish you had a better relationship with food and your body?
Are you ready to become an Intuitive Eater?

You've come to the right place.

Welcome to Tap Into Nutrition!
Our Metro Detroit based dietitians will
guide you in your journey to find joy in eating,

end the diet cycle, and understand how to best nourish your body utilizing evidence-based practices
that are individually customized to best support your goals as you
Tap Into (your) Nutrition.

Nutrition Counseling now being offered virtually through HIPAA compliant video software!


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"I've been working with Sam the past few months and it's been life-changing! She is so good at what she does. I had been reading about Intuitive Eating for the past year, but had a lot of trouble implementing it on my own. She helped personalize the concepts to me and my history and habits. It's been transformational to have such a calm voice fighting back the lies diet culture has taught me. Sam is the best!" -M.K.