Ask the non-diet dietitian: "...but isn't intuitive eating just the eat whatever you want diet?"

Updated: Jul 28

One of the biggest misconceptions of Intuitive Eating is that you’re eating whatever you want, all the time, which will lead to eating donuts, cookies and candy all the time. You’ll be out of control and never be able to stop eating (“fill in food here”).

But trust me, that’s not going to happen. Sure, you might feel like you’re eating more of certain foods that you don’t usually eat (Read: Foods that you haven’t ALLOWED yourself to eat). If you’ve been restricting or “watching” what you eat for a long time, it will take some adjustment while your body recalibrates to it’s balance spot. You’re most likely actually eating more food, in a stressed out way, if you’ve been restricting and then bingeing (aka feeling out of control with food).

The intention of Intuitive Eating is to see ALL foods in a neutral way. No foods are “good”, no foods are “bad”. You are not good or bad for eating a certain way either. Permission. Freedom. Peace. As opposed to shame and guilt. Intuitive Eating encourages finding a way to eat things that are nutritious and nurturing, AND honors cravings. Because THAT feels like true health.

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