Ask the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist: "Do I HAVE to eat vegetables every day?"

Updated: Jul 28

Psst… want to know a secret? You don’t HAVE to eat vegetables every day. Permission granted from your local registered dietitian.

Now before you run with that, notice that we didn’t say you don’t ever have to eat vegetables ever again. In striving for balanced nutrition, we do still lovingly encourage eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. What we’re saying is that you don’t need to beat yourself up if you didn’t have the “recommended four to five servings of fruits and vegetables daily” that we heard about when we were kids, either because it’s been A DAY (you know what we mean) or you just weren’t feeling it. LIFE HAPPENS! Recall a moment when you genuinely were craving a salad, or some gorgeous fresh produce you picked up from the farmer’s market.

Especially in summertime, sometimes a crunchy cucumber or refreshing watermelon just hits the spot! Fruits and vegetables taste better when you eat them from a place of enjoyment, when you ACTUALLY want to eat them. No need to force. No need to add pressure. Once you allow yourself to be intuitively led by what your body needs, you may find yourself eating cereal, bread, pasta, pizza and sweets one day (yum!) and then genuinely craving something lighter and fresher a few days later. Take a macro lens view instead of hyperfocusing on the do’s and didn'ts of the day.

PS: Did you know that studies show that intuitive eating is associated with higher fruit and vegetable consumption amongst adults? It's true!

PSS: Ranch, hummus, dips, etc are absolutely allowed! Vegetables can act as vehicles for yumminess.

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