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Building a self-care toolbox beyond food for intuitive eaters

Utilizing food to comfort and nourish yourself is not only normal, it’s perfectly healthy. It means your body’s got your back! I mean, let’s be real, there are much more destructive ways to cope than with a couple cookies. The issue rises when your only coping mechanism is food. When this happens, a couple cookies probably won’t cut it and it likely will turn into the whole sleeve and I can almost guarantee no one feels better (emotionally or physically) after eating a sleeve of cookies. Not to mention the urgency and shame you’re likely going to feel while eating them, completely sabotaging the experience even more!

Instead, we need a toolbox of coping strategies for when life gets stressful. Food can absolutely be a part of that but we need other support too.

Check out this list of self-care ideas to build your toolbox and keep it handy for when you may need some suggestions!

Let us know what else you might add to this list in the comments below!

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