Intuitive Eating + Health at Every Size®
Professional Development Workshop

As a therapist or mental health counselor, in your practice with clients, do you: 

  • Want to feel more confident in addressing food and body image concerns, while supporting your clients’ mental health?

  • Feel unsure of how to respond when a client says they feel fat?

  • Feel uncomfortable when clients want to talk about their weight loss goals?

  • Feel confused about what a healthy relationship with food and exercise even looks like?

This is why I am hosting virtual workshops to address these exact things! It provides professional development in the topics of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size® (HAES).

“We invited Samantha to our all-team professional development meeting and she was a wonderful facilitator. As a mental health care company, we are constantly on the lookout for resources to address comorbid issues our clients are facing, like disordered eating and nutrition imbalances. Sam offered a clear guide for how we can help our clients by teaching us a framework for intuitive eating and knowing when to refer clients to specialized care. Sam is deeply passionate about her work and offers an engaging workshop experience!

-Kerry Biskelonis, LPC, ​​Founder of Reset Brain and Body

"Having Samantha come to our office to educate us on Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size was invaluable. Samantha is an amazing resource for body image and intuitive eating. In addition to the education, Samantha provided, her willingness to push us to look at our own relationship with our bodies, food, and bias was truly transformative. Our clinicians feel much more confident in working with clients who are struggling with body image and food and now have a wonderful resource and referral source in Tap Into Nutrition. We will definitely have Tap Into Nutrition back for future trainings."

-Elizabeth Eiten, LMSW, Founder of The Boketto Center


This workshop is for you if you...

  • Would like to feel confident in having conversations around food and body image with clients

  • Believe it is necessary to become aware of our own health and weight biases in order to support clients

  • Want to feel empowered to apply HAES philosophies to your work

  • Want to understand the basis of the principles of intuitive eating


These ways of approaching health and wellness change lives, and empower true health. The more advocates, the better and bigger the ripple effect. I hope that you’ll join us and continue creating a more just, empowered and authentic world.

There are a few virtual workshop dates available to select from when you fill out the form.  Our first workshop will be Friday, September 30th from 10am-noon EST. The investment for this live, virtual workshop is $45 per practitioner. Pricing increases to $65 on September 19th with registration closing on September 26th. Group practice rates available.

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