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Tap Into Support: A Virtual Intuitive Eating Community

Tap Into Support: A Virtual Intuitive Eating Community

Whether you’ve been practicing Intuitive Eating for years, or this is the first time you’re hearing about it - YOU are deserving of a more joyful and peaceful relationship with food and your body. Tap Into Nutrition is introducing a new offering: Tap Into Support: A Virtual Intuitive Eating Community. This virtual immersive cohort experience is for TIN active clients, past clients, anyone and everyone who is interested in Intuitive Eating and gaining support and community around this life-changing practice. 
Intuitive Eating is an anti-diet and weight-inclusive approach to true health. It is an evidence-based approach that prioritizes mental health just as much as physical health. Together we will learn about the principles of intuitive eating, navigate what flexible nutrition looks like, dive deep into dieting history to unlearn old mindsets, find peace with food while becoming your healthiest self, as well as cultivating connection and caring community. This community will meet virtually once a month, for six months, to learn together and support each other on your journey. Participants will also gain access to the exclusive community Facebook group for support in-between sessions and beyond.

When: First Monday of the month at 7-8pm EST (Starting January 9 through June 5)

Where: Virtual - Zoom

Cost: $210 for 6 month commitment (sliding scale options available - email Sam to discuss)

Recommended Resource: The Intuitive Eating Workbook written by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch

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