Tap Into Nutrition utilizes a non-diet, weight-inclusive, Health at Every Size approach to empower our clients to break free from chronic dieting and understand nutrition in a gentle, evidence-based approach that emphasizes mental health as just as important as physical health.

In our 1:1 nutrition counseling, our Metro Detroit based intuitive eating registered dietitians to navigate what flexible nutrition looks like for you and come up with an individualized plan that is approachable and adaptable.

We work with our clients to dive deep into their nutrition and dieting history to unlearn old mindsets. We guide your journey to find peace with food while simultaneously becoming your healthiest self through the implementation of medical nutrition therapy to manage medical diagnoses as needed.

Tap Into Nutrition can help you:

  • Break free from chronic dieting

  • Make peace with your body

  • Understand how to best fuel your body

  • Receive support with digestive issues

Are you ready to say goodbye to dieting and become an intuitive eater?

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